Torbolton Institute Culture Security ‘Culture Hub 2020’

Torbolton Institute Culture Security  ‘Culture Hub 2020’

(Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation, Theme10 – Sense of Place)

Organization: Torbolton Institute – Growing skills for a sustainable future

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


Canada’s not-for-profit Torbolton Institute, located in rural west Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, embedded in farms, forest and river, is a testbed for future household ways-of-life. We hope for the best, but plan for the worst. We think globally, act locally.

We are sited in an upgraded public school of 17000 sq ft on six rural acres. We have the feel of a village.

Our mission is to see Canadian households continue to thrive in spite of any environmental and economic adversity that might come their way. We regard households opening to self reliance as step one.

We are a local testbed for innovative ways-of-life for Canadian households, finding those that assure continued secure food, energy, environment and culture for the foreseeable future, and promulgating our findings.

We work by projects, under four programs: security for food; security for biodiversity; security for energy and security for culture.

Each program’s project achieves its own particular way-of-life application that can be adopted by households.

Security for Culture Program:

Projects Underway

. Torbolton Smart Growth Rideshare Project – To implement and operate an online ride-sharing service ferrying people in the region to and from the Torbolton Institute.

. Torbolton Fine Arts Gallery Project – To provide a permanent home for the regional fine arts community in the form an onsite art gallery store and school housed in the Torbolton Institute.

. Torbolton Web Sales Project – To install onsite WiFi and connect server software to deliver user operated interactive facilities rental and point-of-sale services for users and tenants of the Institute.

. Torbolton Carleton Bridging Project – Run jointly by Carleton University and the Torbolton Institute, it will enable adults to qualify for university admission and advanced educational success.

. Torbolton Flipped Classroom Project – Home-schooled K12 students experience the classroom twice a week to reinforce their new knowledge with subject matters experts; new graduated university student tutoring in the subject of expertise.

. Torbolton Fitness Studio Project – To implement a ‘Y Outpost’ by partnering with the Y; equipping the gym with badminton, tennis and volley ball nets, ping pong tables (encouraging leagues to form) and commercial fitness machines ; offering Y-led general and special fitness classes.

Projects Planned for the future:

. Torbolton NGO Adaptation Hub Project
. Torbolton Crafts Gallery Project
. Torbolton Heritage Museum Project
. Torbolton Flea Market Project
. Torbolton Practitioner Therapies Project
. Torbolton Mobility Project
. Torbolton Day Trips Project
. Torbolton Performing Arts Project
. Torbolton Field Soccer Project


Who we serve:
Canadian families and households who realize that adopting innovative and adaptive ways-of-life that give sustainable relief from the faltering global economy and environment is their best course of action, and who want guidance for making their transition to sustainability.

What we do:
On a project by project basis, we build a knowledge toolbox of innovative and adaptive ways-of-life tools for Canadian households. On site, we conduct facility bookings and leasings; arranged group day trips; drop-in visitor shopping; scheduled events; arranged and self guided indoor/outdoor ambient tours; community gardening; solar/wind energy generation; arranged fitness, mentoring, and flipped classes; outdoor/indoor theatre; fine arts gallery, craft activities; organized sports; and the like.

Where we are:
The Torbolton Institute, 3924 Woodkilton Road, Ottawa, Ontario K0A 3M0;, 613-832-2745 ; and its country surroundings

When we are open:
By spring 2014, the Institute facilities and shops will be open to the public daily, 10AM – 3PM and by special arrangement. Members and tenants will have personal access as needed and wanted. Public events occurred as scheduled.

Why we are:
As the global 21st century economy and environment increasingly falter, meeting family life’s necessities will become progressively more difficult; informed and enabled family household self reliance is seen as making up the short fall.

How we work:
The Institute will be a not-for-profit Canadian corporation:

a) conducting various participatory projects that develop, assess and mentor 21st century ways-of-life for Canadian families and households and

b) offering cultural shopping on site and via the internet..

Contact Information:

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