Ottawa Bike Lanes Project – What gets a city to start bicycling?

Ottawa Bike Lanes Project - What gets a city to start bicycling?

(Theme 1 – Transportation, Theme 8 – Health, Theme 9 – Recreation)

Organization: Ottawa Bike Lanes Project

Timeline for Completion: Ongoing


It’s simple: We love riding bicycles. North America is in the midst of a transportation revolution in which the bicycle has a key role. Increasingly, the car-centric city is being refocused with an emphasis on liveable streets. People are realizing the immense financial, health, social and environmental benefits of riding bicycles, walking and using public transit. This growing movement is an awakening to a simpler way of living born from the human need to be in touch with their surroundings and connected to their communities. This is a desire that the bicycle fulfills so well. It’s fast, cheap, efficient, fun, sustainable, healthy and really allows the individual to feel alive as they move through their city. It is not to say that the car is not occasionally needed, but instead that everyday car use and ownership in an urban setting is really not seen as a necessity anymore. Most of us can get along happily living car free or car light, and renting or using car share when needed. In fact, the flexibility this approach gives to our lives and wallet is becoming a much preferred option.

With this being said, the Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project has been drawing on new media, film, photography and marketing in creating new ways of promoting protected bicycle lanes and of course the bicycle for everyone. The link between well-designed bicycle infrastructure (ie protected bicycle lanes) and bicycle uptake has been clearly demonstrated in countries like The Netherlands and Denmark. Through this project we are hoping to continue to connect with even more great people and organizations who are working towards similar goals.


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Posted in Theme 1 - Transportation, Theme 8 - Health, Theme 9 - Recreation.

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