Sustainable Foundations Inc. – Real Estate For The Right Reasons!

Sustainable Foundations Inc. - Real Estate For The Right Reasons!

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Organization: Sustainable Foundations Inc.

Timeline for Completion: Started 2008 Ongoing


Sustainable Foundations Inc. was founded in 2008 as a sustainable real estate and environmental consulting company. Through environmental consulting and real estate financing, we will purchase a wide range of multi-unit properties that can be retrofitted with sustainable features.

This initiative combines our passion for environmental issues, real estate, and philanthropy. Our end goal is to be able to support local charities by acquiring cash flowing properties that will provide regular monthly income to local organizations.

Sustainable Real Estate is the heart of Sustainable Foundations Inc. Our goal is to aquire residential and mixed-use rental units across Eastern Ontario and to retrofit these properties to be more sustainable. In addition, we will acquire properties that will cash flow to support local environmental charities.

Sustainable Foundations Inc. offers environmental consulting services to local environmental charities, green businesses, and community groups. Proceeds from the consulting business support the development of sustainable real estate properties. In turn, as the portfolio of real estate grows, Sustainable Foundations Inc. will acquire assets that will provide cash flow to support local environmental charities.

Sustainable Foundations Inc. is a green business that works to promote sustainable philanthropy throughout Eastern Ontario. We do this by supporting local environmental charities with our time and talents. It is a core part of our business plan to develop a solid portfolio of rental properties that will allow Sustainable Foundations Inc. to cash flow a portion of our profits to support the core operating expenses of local environmental charities.


Community Partnerships
Sustainable Foundations Inc. is keen to partner with clients and other community organizations to develop a common vision of environmental stewardship. As we retrofit our properties, we aim to partner with local organizations to provide public education on environmental issues.

Philanthropic Goals
Our goal is to contribute 10% of our profits. We also commit to ensure that this represents at least 1% of gross income in support of the 1% for the Planet initiative ( We also commit to thithing with our time and talents through in-kind contributions of consulting services and other volunteer efforts.

Sustainable Foundations Inc
Box 306
Westport, ON
K0G 1X0
11-300 Earl Grey Dr, Suite 445
Kanata, ON, K2T 1C1

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