Idle-Free School Zones

Idle-Free School Zones

(Theme 2 – Energy)

Organization: Ottawa River Institute (ORI)

Timeline for Completion: 2012


Fostering sustainable communities and ecological integrity in the Ottawa River watershed.

With a small, one-year grant from Environment Canada’s EcoAction program, we disseminated information about the benefits of idle-free zones outside elementary schools in Renfrew County. As a result of the project, idle-free zones were established at two elementary schools.

Six Great Reasons to make schools in Renfrew County idle-free
. Our air will stay cleaner
. The health of children will benefit
. Vehicles will last longer and require fewer repairs if they are idled less
. Money and fuel will be saved
. Fewer greenhouse gases will be released, helping to slow the process of climate change
. Schools can lead the way to healthier practices that care for the health
of people and the planet


Ottawa River Institute
4084 Matawatchan Rd
RR 3 Griffith ON
K0J 2R0

For more information please
Phone: 613-756-3884

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