Logs End Inc. – Commitment to the Environment

Logs End Inc. - Commitment to the Environment

(Theme 3 – Design, Theme 6 – Natural Capital, Theme 7 – Waste)

Organization: Logs End Inc.

Timeline for Completion: Started 1997 Ongoing


Committed to the environment

We have a zero waste policy for the lumber we harvest, and we are truly committed to the environmentally sound retrieval of lost timber. We want to continue providing exceptional flooring for years to come, so we have taken initiatives to ensure our products are environmentally friendly.

Logs End Inc. is a wood flooring company with a difference. Instead of only cutting down new-growth trees, we focus on retrieving “lost” timber from the heyday of 19th-century Ottawa Valley logging operations. Many of our logs are recovered through diving operations on the Ottawa River, its tributaries and small lakes.

Based out of Ottawa, Logs End is Canadian owned and operated, and is the country’s leading supplier of historic old growth flooring, which we proudly distribute around the world. At Logs End, we promise that our products will bring exceptional beauty and elegance to any wood flooring project. See our work for yourself.

We began operation in 1997, but we’re linked to a heritage of logging that stretches back to the early 1800s


Broader goals

At Logs End, we are dedicated to providing excellent flooring products, but we have broader goals, too. We want to:
•promote the rich heritage of Ottawa Valley and its environment;
•encourage tourism;
•provide continuous employment in the Ottawa area, and for the surrounding communities;
•improve the safety and cleanliness of our waterways; and establish a fund to improved fishing in the Ottawa Valley basin, specifically for brown trout, pickerel and walleye.

Contact Us
1520 Triole Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1B 3S9

Phone: 1-613-738-7851
Fax: 1-613-738-0647

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