Carp Hills –South March Highlands Bio?blitz 2011

The Bio?blitz took place May 28, 2011. It was supported by local residents and a number of organizations. Twenty?eight experts in a variety of disciplines participated in the event. The weather was not optimum as drizzle and fog were frequent until late afternoon, when it became partly cloudy. As a result, few herpetofauna were reported even though the area is known to be densely populated. Residents reported frequent sightings of Blanding’s Turtles, Snapping Turtles, Painted Turtles, many species of frogs, and a variety of snakes including milk snakes. Their observations include juveniles, adults and nesting sites. Local field naturalist clubs, conservation authorities and other organizations having an interest in the natural environment set up information booths in the Carp Agricultural Hall to promote their organization and present educational materials on the characteristics of the environment.
Ottawa Stewardship Council, Canadian Biodiversity Institute, Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club, Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Center, Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist, Macnamarra Field Naturalists’ Club, the City of Ottawa and the Madawaska Land Trust

Carp River Green Banks (CRGB) – Shoreline Restoration Program

One property was planted along the river in 2011

The OSC funded the purchase of over 1000 trees and shrubs that were planted in May 2014 by volunteers and MVCA staff along the Carp River and one of its tributaries. The expected impacts of this project include filtering agricultural runoff from entering the Carp River and stabilizing the banks to prevent further erosion. Both of these issues contribute to the poor water quality. The shrubs/trees planted will also create new habitat for wildlife with food and shelter.

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Mississippi Valley Conservation, City of Ottawa, Landowner Resource Centre, Friends of the Carp River, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Rideau River (Burritts Rapids) Shoreline Erosion Restoration

Project Goals and Objectives:
To coordinale and implement the entire project.

Project Activities:
Completed the project planning and permit/approval process, and will be moving ahead with the field work in earlv winter 2010. Field work began in early winter 2010, ending with a shoreline buffer strip planting in April 2010.

Area of Interest:

. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
. Burritts Rapids Community Association