Rideau Valley Environmental Centre

Building Green Means . . .

. Designing for the Site — Sustainable site planning means we’ve developed and integrated the design of our building with the ecological and environmental aspects of Beryl Gaffney Park.
. Integrating Water Efficiency — Reducing water use in the building immediately impacts the environment and results in both water and money savings.
. Using Less Energy — Our new headquarters consumes 42 percent less energy than a typical similar office building.
. Choosing the Right Materials — Recycling building materials recovered during construction keeps them out of landfills and leads to less destruction of natural habitats and resources.
. Improving Indoor Environmental Quality — Concern for indoor air quality ensured the comfort and well being of installers during construction.
. Investing in New and Innovative Technology — The RVCA strived to achieve exceptional performance for the stormwater and wastewater management systems.

Contact Us
visit — 3889 Rideau Valley Drive (corner of Prince of Wales & Rideau Valley Drive) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

mail — PO Box 599, 3889 Rideau Valley Drive, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5

phone— 613-692-3571 , 1-800-267-3504

e-mail — postmaster@rvca.ca

Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA) – Our lake – our legacy

Within the BRLA, we work to monitor, maintain and protect the water quality, shores and environs of Big and Lower Rideau Lakes, and study, report and, if necessary, advocate on environmental issues that affect our area.

We are also active in the protection of wildlife habitat. Tracking and promoting the health of Big Rideau Lake is one of our key concerns. Our lake’s environment supports a great diversity of wildlife, in its deep cold water, along its rocky shorelines and in its wetlands.

Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation
The Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF) is a registered charity, working with you to protect your lakes. The mission of the RLEF is to safeguard the Rideau Lakes environment for generations to come.

The RLEF actively solicits donations (in cash and kind) to support environmental programs on Big Rideau and Upper Rideau Lakes. Donations to the RLEF are tax deductible, and are essential to supporting environmental programs of the Big and Upper Rideau Lake Associations.

Lake association membership dues do not cover the full costs of RLEF environmental activities. We need further support to continue our important work in protecting the Rideau Lakes natural and historical environment. Contact us at RLEF@bigrideaulakeassociation.com for more information.

Fish Habitat – Rideau Roundtable

Become a member of the Rideau Roundtable and join others who are working together to care for the Rideau and Cataraqui watersheds. Becoming a member lets you get involved in hands-on projects, learn about the watershed, participate in Roundtable events, and receive newsletters and/or e-bulletins. Annual membership fees are $10 for individuals, $15 for families, $50 for organizations and $200 for sustaining members.

Contact Us
For more information on the Rideau Roundtable, please contact:
Peter Au (President) at 613-284-8338 or peter00au@gmail.com

Voyageur Canoe Interpretive Tours:
Stew Hamill
Rideau Experience Coordinator

Our mailing address is:
Rideau Roundtable
P.O. box 25
Smith Falls, Ontario
K7A 4S9