Smiths Falls Farmers Market

44 Abbott Street N
Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A1W3
Our new location on the parking lot behind the RCAFA Hall on Abbott Street beside the fixed bridge across from the new Water Plant.

For more information please contact Peter at 613-283-8418 or Valerie at 613-283-9404

Another Local Ottawa Food Fair October 28th! Farm Boy – Train Yards

It’s all about the food – fresh produce, natural & organic foods, artisanal cheese, premium meats, sustainable seafood and private label products.

Passionately seek out the tastiest fresh foods, unique products, and the friendliest people and bring them together in a clean, welcoming environment.

Farm Boy provides a unique and friendly fresh shopping experience in comparison to big box retailers or traditional grocers. Recognized for our fresh produce, premium meats, prepared take home dishes and popular line of unique, private-label items, our success has enabled us to grow to 14 stores in the Greater Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall regions, with further expansion plans underway.

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. Phone (613) 247-1007
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Community Hydro Power Project – Connecting the community with the river

Small-hydro generation at the Burritts Rapids dam site

In the pursuit of modern-day small-hydro generation, our community views itself as an integral part and a steward of the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Rideau waterway. Community-driven power generation at the BR dam will respect the integrity and values of the Canadian Heritage Rideau River and UNESCO World Heritage Site designations. This project will work within the Parks Canada Management Plan and the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy and with its Steering Committee.

The vision, energy, and activities of BRREA flow from the committed work of community volunteers since 2005, especially the Working Group for Micro-Hydro Generation of the BRCA and interested residents and experts. The Board appreciates the growing number of volunteers who are helping with research, technical advice, funding, communications and community involvement, and technical and administrative assistance.

Updates on the small-hydro generation project at the Burritts Rapids Dam site are issued periodically to local media and are placed on the website.

Priority Permit
The Burritts Rapids Renewable Energy Association (BRREA) obtained a priority permit from Parks Canada on 29 August 2011 for the community to investigate the installation of a small hydroelectricity facility at the dam site within the village on the Rideau River. While holding the priority permit BRREA will complete the engineering studies, survey available generators and conduct an environmental assessment.

The engineering studies will determine the best generator technology for the dam site and provide details on construction and operations. If these studies confirm that power generation from the dam site is feasible and financially viable, then a federal environmental assessment will be undertaken, which includes outreach and consultation with the community and other interested and affected parties.

Funding and Investment
Funding from the Eastern Ontario Development Program has been received and was used for an engineering feasability study that was completed early in 2013 and a FIT application was made during the recent small FIT window. An application to EODP to fund a “class” environmental assessment has been submitted. BRREA is seeking key collaborative arrangements with governmental agencies and wishes to establish government and/or private sector participation to finance and implement this small hydro project. Additional funding is essential for community projects, such as this one, in order to move ahead.

There are a number of ways that community members can get involved in the BRREA hydroelectricity project. Firstly, volunteers with communication, project management, legal, engineering, and other skills are encouraged to join BRREA and help in the next stage of project development. Secondly, the community will be consulted during the environmental assessment and interested and affected community members are encouraged to attend these meetings and share their ideas and concerns. Finaly, there may be an opportunity for community members to invest in the project and interested people are encouraged to consider this as the project moves forward.

If you are interested in joining this volunteer group at this busy time in implementing its first renewable energy project, please contact the Chairperson, at

The Wakefield Ensemble Trails Project

Wakefield Ensemble is a chartered not-for-profit organization formed in 2002 to:
•protect the heritage nature of the village;
•promote improvements in the physical environment;
•encourage socio-cultural activities;
•raise funds for village activities; and
•maintain a dialogue with all levels of government.

Wakefield Ensemble has played a leading role in the development of the Trans Canada Trail system in the area, in sponsoring new parks along Riverside Drive, and in spring clean-ups and general “beautification” schemes — and was a keen advocate of the development process for a PPU (Programme particulier d’urbanisme, or urbanization plan for Wakefield). See below for a draft of the PPU that was produced by Wakefield Ensemble in 2009. Wakefield Ensemble is also the cradle from which the very successful Theatre Wakefield was launched.

Contact us
By Mail:
Wakefield Ensemble
PO Box 36
Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0

By email: